Grinds when putting into 1st...


You know when you put a car into reverse it sometimes makes that kind of whirring/grinding noise?

My Fourtrak does that on most occasions when putting it into 1st from neutral, on a larger scale then the average vehicle does when shifting into reverse.

However, if I pull it into any other gear, then, without raising the clutch, push the stick into first, it never makes this noise. (Hope that makes sense - basically, for example, from neutral I put the clutch down, shift it into third, keep the clutch down, then move it to first, it never makes a noise)

Anyone got any idea what this might be? I spoke to a guy at work who trained as a mechanic, his first answer was 'gearbox has gone', which is what I'm guessing most people here will say. But then when I told him the next part, about it being non-grindy when I go to another gear first, he was a bit stumped, and started muttering something about something maybe being out of place or something?

Any ideas???

Oil ........

Check the gear box oil level - you must get advise about which 'nut' to undo, the wrong nut drops a part into the gearbox. Be warned !

When was the oil last renewed?

very similar thing happened to our Rocky

My daughter was having trouble with reverse and first (the only gears without syncro), the being clapped out was suspected, a mechanic removed the gearbox and found the shaft (which is built into the bell housing) which the clutch release bearing moves backwards and forwards on was knackered, it should have been smooth but it had grooves and ridges all over it.

we found a chap on ebay who flogged us another one



Check the operation of the clutch and its adjustment, incorrect adjustment will give this problem. The clutch is adjusted where the cable comes through the bulkhead, under the bonnet; look at the sleeve and pull the "C" clip and pull the sleeve in or out and replace the clip.

Check the oil levels, and that the oil is in good condition, and the right viscosity, it should be Hypoid EP90, or 80-90, or 75-90 synthetic. Old oil will give a similar problem due to it breaking down and causing wear.

Check the gear selectors, with the engine stopped, engage first gear, start the engine and put the vehicle in neutral then back in first gear. If it grinds it is most likely the selectors or baulk rings worn. If this is the case, and the clutch is correctly adjusted, and the oil is the correct grade, replace the oil with new and add one of the additives designed to compensate for wear. In addition add one of the anti wear additives such as molyslip or slick 50 for gearboxes.


Forgot to mention, i assume you have checked the mainshaft nut which often comes loose and causes a similar problem. Plenty of posts of what to do and how to tighten it.