hi i have a 1986 daihatsu rocky 2.8 non turbo diesel and everything from the engine to the tires are in realy good shape ( engine, trani, transfer,differential,chassis,etc. But unfortunatelly the body it self its in realy realy bad shape, there's a lot a lots of rust everywhere and its going to cost me thousands to fix it, i could look for another rocky body but unfortunatelly there's non beleive me non anywhere i'll been all over the country and even if i buy it from another country its going to be even worse. i was thinking of put in the the engine into another truck (fourunner,jeep,hilux,samurai,landcruiser 2 door, etc) or small size SUV thats about the same lenght or simply puting another body into my daihatsu rocky and making new mounts and whatever it takes to make it fit. PLEASE THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ALL ABOUT IT WHATS MY BEST OPTION,HOW TO DO THE MODIFICATION,WHAT PARTS TO USE AND WHAT NOT TO USE, EVERYTHING. THANKS IN ADVANCE I WILL APRECIATE IT VERY MUCH.

I just had a quick look on

I just had a quick look on ebay and there is about 10 'traks on there.....

Its not going to be worth replacing the entire body shell or trying to make the engine/box fit into another truck, it will be cheaper to just buy a new vehicle, 'trak or otherwise.