Styling a charade -Exhaust Help?


2000 charade lxi se 1.3 litre injection

looking to economically modify it...put a jap style plate on the front and replaced rear speakers and am looking for cheap(not to be confused with tacky) mods...

Next jobs to re spray bumpers and grille, and fit a half decent air filter...

Can anybody advise on achieving a tinny, rattling sound from exhaust without drilling holes in it? A tweaked silencer could do the job, but for best sound (not too loud) im not entirely sure.... a new backbox maybe?

Im also looking for a cheap second hand set of black alloy wheels, no bigger than 15" and cant find any about, if anybody knows of anywhere good???
and what about the stud pattern?

Any help much appreciated

Check how many slincers you

Check how many slincers you have you may have two and can remove one or like you saw get a different back box, not sure it will change the sound much though as its a small engine which don't normally sound too meaty.

Check ebay for the wheels after googling the PCD and offset required. Most Daihatsu's us 4 x 100 with of offset of around ET35-40

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Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club