Non existant 02 sensor?! Help solve this mystery.


I was looking under the bonnet for the 0xygen sensor on my 91' Mira L200V 660 cc ED-10 engine.

According to my L201 manual which shows the 847cc ED-10 engine the Oxygen Sensor can be found by removing the Warm air intake manifold.

I removed the Warm Air Intake Manifold, which is easy because the manifold is rather broken. >Sad I found the etching that says 02 sensor on the exhaust pipe, but the place where the 02 sensor goes does not seem to exist!? Shok

Um, anyone know if there is even an 02 sensor on this vehicle and where if anyplace the alternate location might be?

I will post photos if anyone wants.

By the way if anyone has a spare Mira L200/201 ED-10 Warm Air Intake Manifold that is not broken let me know. Spare parts are hard to get in Canada.