engine block


ive got a Daihatsu Applause 1990 - A101 model - HD-E 1.6L engine
had water leak and found a crack on the engine block directly behind the catalitic converter pot and decided to use chemweld sealer - has fixed problem for about a year - recently engine randomly and rapidly (10 seconds approximately) overheated with no warning signs - on opening the bonnet the oil and water have mixed and oil has been pressurised out the overflow bottle - the oil sump was millimeters off being completely empty, yet no oil warning light on dash (thats how fast it occured) - car did not stall though and have been able to drive it into garage from street afterwards
how has this much oil gone against the pressure of the water in the radiator, which is much more then the engine???
been thinking that head gasket is unlikely to cause such rapid problem so has the crack broken into the block's water and oil holders and pressure equalised and water pushed oil out??
any opinions or help would be greatly appreciated on this or susgested problem


if youve fixed a crack in the block whith basicly chemicle metal then your a plonker Wink

thake all the bits off so as you can get to the split the drill the ends to stop it spreading and weld it up. even if its an ally block you should be able to get any good fabrication shop to do it.

i would dare say that it is deffinatly the dodgy repair of yours that caused it, how did you think that chemicle metal daubed over the top would put up with a years worth of high pressure and the expanding and contracting of the hot/cold block.

i wouldnt need to be a big hole to cause this either, so dont just think because you cant see one dosent meant there isnt one