F78 work shop manual


Hi there,
Help after upgrading to a F78 M-reg Fourtrak I only just realized that my work shop manual doesn't seem to cover a lot of the differences in the vehicles.Has anybody got a copy of a F78 manual or knows where I can buy one.Couldn't find one on e-bay unfortunately.Thanks a lot

f78 work shop manual

hi,i am also looking for one how can i get in touch with you

F78 repair manual

I only just found your reply to my enquiry about a manual for my F78 Fieldman.I am doing all my repairs myself but without a manual it sometimes turns into a bit of a struggle (as I recently found out when I tried to re-wire parts of the rear lights for the MOT...).I would appreciate it if you would point me in the right direction for a manual as I wasn't able to find one yet.Either e-mail me ([email protected]) or ring me directly under 07963-885747.Thank you very much!!!