bad headlight problems really need an answer i am blind at nights


i have a 1987 dai-rocky and at first the low beam work just fine til i took it to a electrician to have it fix and it turn out that now none of beam works completly. when i turn on the switch it takes a while and i mean i while to turn on, as per the electrician the problem is the cooper contacts wich as per him are hard to fix. now my question is can i replace the whole light wiring of the car or is there a shipper way to fix it.

probably dirty contacts in

probably dirty contacts in the light switch on steering column, try spraying contacts with wd40 .

even worse

i'll already took it to someone to fix it and did everything possible but made it worse, he cleaned it with wd40 and contact spray but now it wont turn on and when it does is like an hour later.

Iffy lights

Take it back till he repairs it properly. Does sound like switch contacts, worn or corroded but could be iffy earth, water in the units a whole host of things. If you have entrusted the work to a mechanic then get him to resolve the problem he seems to have made worse.

M J Young