Need desperately to source supplier for Mira Avanzato (import) windscreen


Hi all - I just bought a 1996 imported Mira Avanzato (L502S, JB-JL 4 cylinder engine, FWD, 52K miles).

Thanks to all the excellant information posted on this forum - i'll be posting lots of other questions/photos about the car soon....

It passed it's MOT only 3 weeks ago - even though it had a small windscreen crack (lower right and not in the field of vision so it passed with only an advisory note on the MOT).

So - i thought i should get the crack looked at through my insurance via Autoglass. They came and looked at it and told me that it had to be replaced, but they would be back the following day to replace it. No problem, no drama so far.

So, today they arrived and took out the old windscreen (in the process causing much larger more serious cracks all over it). Unfortunately the fitter then realised that the replacement he had wasn't going to fit, so he went away to get "the correct one". He came back with "the correct one" only to find that didn't fit either.

Autoglass then decided that I should have told them it was an import (they never asked !!) and because it's an import that it would probably now take 2-3 weeks to get a replacement from Japan. In the meantime, the original windscreen was put back into the car but it is now completely undriveable as it has cracks all over it where the fitter removed it.

I am now left with no car for 2-3 weeks until they can source a new windscreen !!!

Has anyone here had an Avanzato windscreen replaced (if so - any advise as to where Autoglass can find one) or any other advise ???

Thanks for any help offered.


Bad luck Simon, I would be

Bad luck Simon, I would be surprised if the windscreen isn't the same as the Daihatsu Cuore range of similar age in the uk - see the link for a breakers example:




Thanks for taking the time to reply Derek. However, as this will have to be done through Autoglass, i don't know if they would take a gamble on an Ebay item (that said, i might look at the Ebay car for other spares Smile

I'm guessing that Autoglass will need to source a new Windscreen from a known UK supplier or they'll stick with their plan to import one.

Thanks anyway.....

Simon, if your windscreen is

Simon, if your windscreen is the same as for example a 1998 Daihatsu Cuore then you or Autoglass should be able to get a new windscreen from any Daihatsu dealer (Cuore is the UK name for the Mira). Cheers,


Are there any dealers or

Are there any dealers or suppliers reading this forum as Autoglass are still having problems sourcing my glass and they don't seem to know what to do Unknw

I am facing weeks without a car and all the hassles that involves, so any more ideas will be gratefully accepted Smile


Fixed !!!

Pleased to report that Autoglass sourced a new screen for the Mira today and its fitted perfectly.

For reference, the Autoglass code for the screen is "A2919 AGN" and the reference on the glass itself is "E6 43 R-008599 AS1 M75 DOT24".

Don't forget that this is the 1996 Avanzato L502S (FWD) import version.