Sportraks in Stoke & N. Staffs


There seem to be a fair few knocking around this part of the world. I know of 2 other owners who post on this site, but wondering if any other owners from hereabouts are registered on here?

North Staffs

Yes There are alot round here!

Im from Endon, Inbetween Leek and Stoke and own the "friendly" blue, G Reg Sportrak with the dragons down the side, seen regularly making a hash of reversing into the drive Biggrin

I hope to god your not the bloke in the red Sportrak, who was stalking me down Victoria Rd the other day, peeping like wild fire.
Nearly gave me a heart attack!

Anyhows, my names Sarah, why not describe ur sportrak and I'll wave next time I see you!

Im not from N. Staffs, but i

Im not from N. Staffs, but i am on the border of South staffs (when im not at uni)! Will probably be up north staffs way soon to get a spare wheel cover from Formula 4x4!

As there area few people in this area, maybe we should try an off-road meet somewhere. I know of a site near Ironbridge/Telford, which isnt too far from N. Staffs. Have to see when its open.

Maybe now there are a growing list of members on this site, we should get some "Daihatsu Drivers" window stickers made up to sell to members on here??


PS - Im possibly going to go to the 4x4 Funday event at Aston Cantlow on easter sunday (near stratford-upon-avon).