Daihatsu Grand Move


There's a leak in the radiator of my 1997 Grand Move (1.5ltr petrol). As it's a Japanese import the garage reckons they will have difficulty sourcing a new one if it has to be replaced. I'm wondering if the radiator in the Grand Move is compatible with the radiator any other Daihatsu model? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re core!!

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Don't like the new shape much.

You should be able to get your radiator re cored. They take the old fins and waterways out and solder in new ones.
There are specialists that will do this for you and it will be cheaper than buying a new one.
Look in your yellow pages, you may find one there.

Or I'm sure someone on here will tell you more.

Cheers, BobF

ps Or use the google search engine under radiator repairs Smile

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Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.