YRV disc brakes


In replacing the discs on my YRV Premium I damaged one of the lower calliper slider bolt heads by persevering initially with a bi-hex socket when I could tell it had been massively overtightened by previous dealer attention.

So I bought a new bolt. The damaged slider bolt was covered with a clear lubricant.

Does anybody's workshop manual say what that lubricant is?

It cannot be mineral oil based or it will damage the 'rubber' dust seal on the bolt. From internet research it also shouldn't be copper slip. Rubber grease was suggested as it's high temperature, but it's not rubber that's to be lubricated. CV joint grease was also suggested as that's high temperature and doesn't attack the 'rubber' boot.

To give me confidence I need a product that says on the tin "specially formulated to lubricate the calliper slider pins on the Daihatsu YRV". I suspect I may not find such a product especially in small quantities.

Any professional guidance out there?


I normaly use Silicon grease but found it hard to get hold of once i ran out so bought some Mintex Cera Tec.


Its good for both pad squeal and to lube the sliders etc.
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YRV disc brakes

Thanks for that Dave.

In the end I didn't use the new slider bolts that I'd bought at great expense as the damaged bolt head reponds perfectly well to a full hex (as opposed to a bi-hex) socket. The bolts were well lubricated so I didn't need to do anything.

However I did look through my endless tins and tubes of lubricants, accumulated over 55 years and found a tube of silicone grease M490 which was quite squidgy, so usable should I have needed it.

This stuff is not recommended as a bearing lubricant, but as 'providing a water-repellent coating'. I agree that this is ok for the task. I noticed that the seals had leaked a bit and let enough water in to cause slight rust just at the end of the thread, by the seal joint. I covered this with a wipe of copper slip round the threads to ensure they come out easily next time.

YRV Tony

YRV Tony

Moly Grease

I have always used Moly Grease, (grease containing molybdenum disulphide) for this application. I can recall seeing it specified in a manufacturers shop manual many years ago, (might have been Hyundai).

If you need silicone grease it can be obtained at any plumbers merchant. It is used to aid the connection of plastic pipework. It is definitely not a lubricant and should not be used where lubrication is required. Last time I used any was when connecting cable to the LNB on my satellite dish to help prevent ingress of moisture and maintain the integrity of the connection.

YRV disc brakes

There seem to be a lot of different opinions on the best
'lubricant' for the slider pins. Many brake callipers have the same design and I would like to see a written manufacturers' recommendation.

It definitely shouldn't be mineral based or it will damage the rubber seals.

It definitely ought to be high temperature.

It would be an advantage if it provided a waterproof coating to the slider as traces of water can sneak past the seal.

It would be useful if it provided lubrication, although there is practically no movement to lubricate.

On the internet I've seen a strong case against using copper slip.

My local car shop says copper slip because it sounds right to them.

Daihatsu Technical say copper slip because it sounds right to them.

But nowhere have I seen a proper manufacturers' recommendation. Strange!


YRV Tony

YRV Tony