upgrade in my rocky


i have a 1986 daihatsu rocky 2.8 diesel non turbo and i will be doing some mods to increase the ride comfort and articulation, i will be converting from leaf springs to coil springs with control arms attached from the diff to the frame as well as other steering and stability components but first i have to get wider axles so i can have some space between the frame and the back face of the tire so i can locate the coil perches as well as the shocks so my question is.... will toyota hilux differentials fit straight in and iam talking about the older model hilux or what differentials will anybody recomend me. ohh and please dont worrie about insurance because here in my country they dont worrie about that. OHHH and one more things is let say that yeas they do fit straight on my rocky what will the effect of the different gear ratio. any help will be highly apreciated.


Do you mean your fitting wider axles and want to put hilux diffs in these axles, or just fitting hilux diffs into current axles?????? why not get some old range rover axles fitted or something that has a rear disc brake and diff lock fitted or a mercedes g wagon axle set, but whatever you propose to do i hope your good with a welder and metal fabricating.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

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sorry for not specifying, yeas i mean fitting new axle...wider ones. i would apreciate a good help from someone so i can make the right decision, can you please advise me on wich axles i could use (hilux,rrover, etc) but like i mension before i dont know how will that affect the engine, ohh and yeap no worries about the welds i have an uncle thats a realy good welder just please let me now which is my best option that will not affect or will it be better for the engine and of course traction. thanks very much

i dont realy know how it all works

sorry if i sound dum but i dont realy know. i dont know how the axle change will affect the engine,transmission and transfer case and again i dont know if the other axles needs to be same as the stock ones ( if you look the rocky from the front the front axle has the differential case to the left and than on the back i beleive its on the center i dont now realy) or the front and rear prop shaft can acomodate the new axles. i dont realy know if i explain my self and please try to understand me because i dont realy now in details how to say it right. i just want wider axles that wont affect my engine,transmission and transfer case at all. again i have a 1986 daihatsu rocky 2.8 diesel non turbo.