Hijet Vac Pipes


Hi there, I've been reading this forum for quite some time, and have finally given in trying to work out some problems on my van myself and decided to actually register and ask for help.. Smile

I have a 97 hijet freezer convert with the 3 cyl 1 litre efi engine..

My problem is this.. At some point this van has had a replacement engine and the tool that did it has left all the vac pipes on the van AND all the vac pipes on the engine so I have twice as many as I should and a ridiculously high emmission level.. (they did the same with the wiring too)

Could anyone maybe send me a couple of pics, or even basic crude diagrams of where the vac pipes should be going please?? I have never seen so many pipes on one vehicle before..

I have the junction box with 3 pipes on the back of the air box with 1 going to the charcoal cannister behind the drivers seat, the other 2 go nowhere.. I have the vac advance just behind the rocker cover on the passenger side going to the only connection I can find that actually creates a vacumm with is right in the middle of the engine just behind the alternator, as for the rest I have absolutely no idea.. If someone could help I would really appreciate it..

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