4x110 PCD WTF!


Who's britght idea was it to make a car with 4x110 PCD Sad I want to get some new wheels for my 'zato (L512S) but cant find any. Anyone got any bright idea's?

I've got a set still brand

I've got a set still brand new in the boxes that I was going to put on mine but have had a change of heart since buying them. Looking to sell them for a while but not really much call for them lol! Let me know if you're interested and i'll pm you my email addy.

Silver 04 YRV Turbo


Yea definately interested, PM the details and i'll have a looksy. Cheers Smile


Hmm its a shame there only 12". I ideally wanted to go to 14". Where did you get them from if you dont mind me asking?