Battery not being charged


Hi there, I hope someone can help me. My battery is not being charged.It's a brand new fully charged one. When I use my brakes/indicator/lights etc. my radio goes off, eventually there's no juice for starting.have checked alternator its putting out 14.5 v. could it be my regulator? if so where is is located? My vehicle is a Hijet EFI 'P' reg.


First remove the battery and fully charge. The problem could be the battery !

Plastic shields.

Did you remove the plastic shields from the terminals of the new battery? All new batteries are supplied with protective shields fitted over each terminal. I bet you have fitted the battery without removing those plastic shields - they are so easy to miss!
I know that problem - I also could not understand why my battery was failing to charge until I returned it to the shop. Felt such an idiot!

It must be fauty alternator

It must be fauty alternator or valtage regulator (it is probably built in the alternator and has to be replased as an assembly)
Get a digital voltmeter and check the circuit from the alternator to the battery following the thick wire (also check a fuse inset which may have blown)
If there is a 40-60amp fuses in the engine fusebox check those. I know little about daihtasu's (yet Smile ) but that would be general advice for any car.
Also have assistant to rev the engine, switch on/off the lights/fan, aircon , notice any changes in the voltages on battery/alternator - and put 1 and 2 together ...