Can anyone ID this engine


I'm trying to ID the engine in this Landrover...

I think its a Four Trak / Sport Trak 2.8ltr diesel, but knowing sod all about Daihatsus I don't know.

Can anyone also tell me where the vacuum pipe from the brake servor should connect to.


Engine ID

Its the 2.5DG normally aspirated diesel (2530 cc) as fitted to the F50 and F55 from the seventies through to 1983, then I think it was re-worked to 2.8 and called the DL. They stuck a turbo on a bit later. The engine is 88 x 104 mm (bore and stroke), 107 ft.lbs torque @ 2400 rpm and about 60 bhp @ 3600 rpm. Loads of these have been fitted in Landies and the fitting kits etc are still available to buy.

The vacuum pipe to the servo fits on to a vacuum pump on the back of the alternator, as diesel engines don't have any inlet vacuum.

Hope this helps.

Engine ID

AJ - thanks very much for that, it helps a great deal



If the fuel pump is an inline type the throttle cable is connected to a butterfly in the inlet manifold its a 2.5
If it has a rotary fuel pump with the throttle connected to it its a 2.8. i know this as I have just swapped a 2.5 for a 2.8 in my Rangie.
The vac pipe should connect to the vac pump fastened to the back of the altinator. You may well have the wrong altinator with out a pump, if so Peugeot 205s have a belt driven one you could fit or swap the altinator for one from a transit or other diesel but check the wireing.