nightmare situation.


ive got an R reg terios, purple/blue colour, 1.3 96'000 on the clock, runs like a dream. however my girlfriend decided to try and push a stone pillar over with it. it has crumbled the back quarter on the drivers side. no structural just some pritty horrible cosmetic damage. its in need of a new back quarter. ive collected a few bodyshop quotes and done abit of asking around and im looking down the barrel of a £1000-£1300 bill to get the work done and considering i only paid £1200 for the car 3 months ago this is out of the question.
i love the car to peices and would not get rid of it for any other reason. just came to make other diahatsu owners aware, any one who has a braker that i could buy the part of or anyone who can get the part cheap and is willing to give me a price for the car.
any ideas or help would be very very welcome
come on guys ... do it for the diahatsu

thanks jake

Scrap scheme.

Could be a problem getting anything other than from a scrap yard... £2000 scrap scheme for old motors !

I have a Sporty which I will soon be scrapping for a new motor. 'J' reg and owned it since it was 1yearold! Petrol tank is leaking but only 88K on the clock. Re-sale would be about £800 but why sell when it can be scrapped for £2000 towards a new motor?