Couple of New Images.


BobF and Carman2 met up today for a pint and a sandwich.
Two images of our very pretty Sirions in the Image section.
Both my 4 Track and Carmans Rally 2 in good nick.

Hope you like em.
Anyone else want to join us next time?

You are always welcome.

Cheers, Bob F.

Bobf/carman2 cars

Bobf and I suddenly discovered we lived close together and arranged a meet. It was great to see the two Poppy Red little beauties side by side in the pub carpark and we had a real nice chat and spot of lunch at the pub.
If you have not yet looked at Bobfs pics take a look and let us know what you think. Bob it was a nice meet up and we'll do it again soon. Hopefully someone else may live close in Lincs and be able to join us.