Newly purchased Sirion Rally 2


Picked up a '53'plate Rally 2 for £2200 yesterday and was frankly amazed at its Jeckle and Hyde character.

In 'normal ' driving mode it's just a regular 1.3 - However its the increasing kick that occurs after 6000 revs that staggers!

Driving the car down from Stockport to Birmingham I had an occasions to 'test' this speed.

There is no way that a 1.3 car should be able to accelerate hard in 4th beyond a 100 mph and compete with a Golf GTi .

I hasten to add I did not repeat this exercise.

Its a great pity that you have to wind it up so much - being more used to a 130bhp Bora diesel which is so lazy I find it quite difficult to subject a car to so much mechanical pressure and noise!!!

Is there any way to tune the engine for lower down torque Unknw I suspect this is governed by the cams.

Anyway it looks great ,is in good condition,but I fear that ear plugs may be the order of the day in future and my wife wants it!!

Quote: Is there any way to

Quote:Is there any way to tune the engine for lower down torque?

Daihatsu's own solution was to turbocharge and intercool the engine and put it in the YRV 130 Turbo! Wink

No further performance

Welcome to the world of Rally 2. Your question regarding further tuning of this engine has been covered quite a few times on here. BobF has covered it in his reply to you but if you want to read the low down just type Rally 2 into Google and look there. Daihatsu did all the necessary before they sold them!.

I must say I am not a mechanic so my opinions are either those of others or things I picked up over the years. I think you have always to remember that the Sirion is just a normally aspirated 1300 VVT engine which has had the exhaust cams re tweeked and a freeflow air filter fitted. The free flow air filter is important as I believe some garages have inadvertantly fitted the standard paper filter which ruins the performance. They never fitted a turbo to Sirion but did to YRV.However, according to Parkers, Sirion is the quicker being booked 0-60 in 7.8secs (YRV 8.1 secs) Top speed 115mph (YRV 112mph) plus the Sirion is lower and possibly handles better. YRV turbo owners feel free to blast me if Parkers figs are wrong.

You should be feeling the performance kick at 4500. Keep it in 2nd until just below red-line (don't worry about the scream they're tough as old boots) then flick the short throw gear leaver to 3rd and maintain the revs above 4,500. It's just as though you've been pushed in the back. Don't mix it with the Golf GTI blokes though. Not a good idea!!

Spark Plugs are Denso K20R-U11 or NGK BKR6EY-11 Gap for both is same at 1.0-1.1mm or 0.041-0.045 ins.

I wasn't comparing the YRV

I wasn't comparing the YRV Turbo to the Sirion Rally 2, just pointing out that Daihatsu's own solution to increasing torque and power was to turbocharge the engine.

A straight comparison between the cars makes no allowance for the autobox or the restrictive OE air filter in the YRV. Smile

Incidentally, the 112mph top speed often quoted for the YRV Turbo is due to the lazy journalism which used the restricted JDM YRV Turbo top speed. UK models are not speed restricted and I have had my YRV at an indicated 120mph (for a short period of time as I want to keep my licence! Blush )