Anybody recommend the type of' within cabin' soundproofing material for my newly acquired Rally 2 which I consider is really far too noisy at speed although I love it dearly!!!!

Turn up the Radio?

I know what you mean. Most small cars are quite loud when at speed on the motorway and unfortunately the little Sirion is no exception. Still at 70mph its far better than some.

You are entering a minefield when asking for soundproofing materials. All manner of felts and foams are available and the web is full of forums for Kit Cars, Kids with I.C.E etc.,who use these.

One really good suggestion I came accross was for using Builders flashing tape. This comes on a roll, has a backing tape and is 300mm wide. It can be cut to size and shape with scissors and once the profile is achieved, remove the backing tape and stick in place.

I must stress I have never used this and am only passing on second hand info, but it is widely used.
When soundproofing, it is always wise to take into consider drain holes and any other obstruction to functional parts plus and importantly, the extra weight you may be introducing as this would have a bearing on performance and fuel consumption.

Sound reducing materials

Look at and There is someone on ebay selling Fatmat Extreme at a sensible price and I'm looking into using layered Fatmat in my Nissan Note, which is not a noisy car, to produce a peaceful cruise at motorway speeds.

You need to achieve a 10dB reduction in noise power (which is going some) to achieve a perceived halving of the noise. I did see a claim of an 18dB reduction on a website the identity of which I've now forgotten.

My YRV made me very sensitive to noise as it was extremely noisy. Some years ago I stuffed it with various felts etc and although now quiet up to 55mph it is annoying at 60mph as this coincides with the 3000ish rpm boom of the 4 cylinder engine, and above that speed road and engine noise rise to pretty awful levels. I should have been more scientific in my approach to the noise reduction I applied!

YRV Tony

YRV Tony

If you think your cars are

If you think your cars are loud, I will give you a ride in my Fourtrak F70(van) with Kumho tyres, stright through exhaust(although on the motorway it doesn't make it any louder when crusing. I wish I had a DB meter to wow you all with the figure Blum 3