sirion rally 2


Getting used to the Rally 2.

New front tyres(Contis) properly balanced and tracking adjusted -so much smoother and I swear quieter!

I think putting in some very thick mats has made a difference as well!!

Does the ECU adjust gradually to ones own driving style? I now have so much more power on tap with just gentle throttle and the proper kick at 4500 whereas when I first drove it there was virtually no proper throttle response and I had to go up 6000 for any kick.

Of course having given it a few very fast blasts it may well have cleared its throat.

Anyway I think its brilliant !!

PS Is rear axle lurch over corner undulations the usual -I presume its because of the beam axle and perhaps weak dampers.

Nice to see !!

2004 Sirion 1300 4 Track. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape much.

Nice to see a convert.
Daihatsu certainly kept the Sirion Quiet didn't they Smile

I'm sure the performance is because you have "opened it up a bit" My first Sirion was the same and needed a couple of hundred miles to loosen it up a little.
The 4 Track was the same.
Yep the rear Supension is because of the Beam Axle but the dropped stiffened springs were meant to sort that out, maybe you are right and the Springs and dampers have weakened.
I beleive carman2 has a bit of the same problem.
No doubt he will say so if that is the case.
Any way I have found out the firm who did the Springs for the Rally 2 and 4 so if you think you need some even stiffer springs I could give you the E Mail for them and you can contact them. They have just made me some stiffer rear springs for my 4 Track -- WOW !! Wink
Cheers, BobF.

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.