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Hello guys

I have just bought myself an '03 Sirion Rally 4... What a gruff little car! And to think I was going to buy a Yaris or Clio. Its in a fetching shade of dark green metallic and seems to sit there grinning at me, is this love? Never thought I could get attached to a car as I have been a motorbike enthusiast all my life.

I am after some advice please, I live near Portsmouth and the nearest main dealers are Bognor or the IOW, who is good for spares by mail order, is a workshop manual available? I see that the Sirion is not available on CD Rom here.

I think my car had a hard start in life as a demo car as I have receipts showing the 1st private owner had the gearbox and short block replaced under warranty, I note that the disc brakes are well worn and the clutch cable is very sticky so amongst other things are to be replaced. Any help will be appreciated.

cheers Derek

Welcome to the Club!!

2004 Sirion 1300 4 Track. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape much.

Put some WD40 - or similar on the Clutch cable bracket to the clutch arm - On the pulling section, or better still loosen the cable off and get some grease on the wear surfaces, then re adjust clutch to where it was before - You could also do the same on the Pedal end and that should cure your sticky clutch.
The Sirion Workshop Manual is available cos I have it.
I will have to look to see if it covers the Rally 4 engine upgrade (They had the exhaust ports opened up a little and the cam was re profiled to get 107 bhp. Mine 4 Track is 101 bhp)But the CD I have covers everything else.
Private message me about this ok.
If you look in Images (Found at the top of the page then under car modifications) You will see plenty of ideas for brake discs etc.

Daihatsu kept the Sirion a little secret (And the YRV).
Look after it and use good quality Oils etc and you won't go far wrong.

Cheers, BobF.

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.

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I did reply to your response the other day but for some reason it has not appeared...
Anyway thanks for your advice. When I work out how to private msg I will be in touch!

regards Derek