Daihatsu 1st Timer


Hello guys

I have just bought myself an '03 Sirion Rally 4... What a gruff little car! And to think I was going to buy a Yaris or Clio. Its in a fetching shade of dark green metallic and seems to sit there grinning at me, is this love? Never thought I could get attached to a car as I have been a motorbike enthusiast all my life.

I am after some advice please, I live near Portsmouth and the nearest main dealers are Bognor or the IOW, who is good for spares by mail order, is a workshop manual available? I see that the Sirion is not available on CD Rom here.

I think my car had a hard start in life as a demo car as I have receipts showing the 1st private owner had the gearbox and short block replaced under warranty, I note that the disc brakes are well worn and the clutch cable is very sticky so amongst other things are to be replaced. Any help will be appreciated.

cheers Derek