Idiots guide to hub maintenance...


Can anyone post an idiots step by step guide to re greasing auto hubs on a Fourtrak (94vIndy), or point me towards one?

Have no experience of 4x4 maintenance at all, but can wield a spanner.

I suppose I should invest in a manual, I assume there is a F78 workshop manual on dvd or for download?


Auto Hubs


Put the term 'Auto Hubs' in the search box to the left of this page. Lots of info there.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Have done searches and

Have done searches and couldnt find an idiot level answer!
I took one of the hubs off, seemed clean inside, very light film of grease. Didnt take any components out of the assembly though, didnt like the idea of that!

Should there be a load of grease inside the assembly, or is a light film the way forward?

Any advice appreciated.

Oh...i downloaded the F77 manual/service notes from the WARFS site. There is no F78, so assume that F78 is largely the same as F77?

'94 Fourtrak Independent

'94 Fourtrak Independent

Auto hubs !!!!!!!!!

Q- Do you have a problem with the hubs engaging IE- loss/non engagement of front wheel drive.

Q- Do you trust them to engage WHEN you need them to.

The components are the same for all models, factory fitted.

Auto hubs get unreliable with age/lack of maintance/not repairable

I rebuilt/ greased until I was so untrustworthy of them , not allways working on demand , I replaced mine with manual locking hubs,and I know when they are locked in they will engage the front wheels, though you will have to think to engage them before you may require them, many people leave them engaged all the time !!.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

'94 Fourtrak Independent No

'94 Fourtrak Independent

No problems, just found that one of the hubs was getting quite warm after a drive. Wanted to carry out basic maintenance and know nothing about this sort of thing. I wondered if the hub needed re-greasing. As said, clean inside, but not a lot of grease in there.
Have only recently bought my Fourtrak, so new to this sort of thing.

'94 Fourtrak Independent

Hubs Greasing

Identification of the problem is the first step, it is usually wet or a mixture of mud and general filth which kills them, it creates corrosion on the internal components.

Remove the hub and fully clean it, fill it fully with gear oil to ensure everything is well lubricated, drain the oil and fill thoroughly with grease. Adjust the front wheel bearing on the vehicle while it is accessible, and overfill this with grease also. Refit the hub, now grease filled, and it should force grease out from the overfull wheel bearing, this ensures the front wheel bearings and hub are fully filled.

Being full of grease ensures that water and mud cannot get into the unit, thus preventing corrosion and damage through deterioration.

Use a marine type lithium grease, this is waterproof and will not let anything into the unit or front wheel bearing.

Remove, clean, and repack annually, or every six months if you spend a lot of time in mud or water.