Possible solution for dead indicators


Hope this might help somebody one day.
Indicators and hazard warnings just stopped working completely the other day. No clicking relay, nothing! Assumed a fuse had blown but no.
So, after much head scratching I decided it might be the flasher unit. I knew it wasn't the indicator stalk switch because the hazard warning switch was dead as well. So, took out the flasher unit which is buried under the dashboard above the clutch pedal and decided I had little to loose by taking it apart, particularly if it was knackered anyway. Inside it is a little circuit board and a relay and after a good look aroung I discovered a dry joint on the circuit board. Re-soldered that and after putting it all back together it now works fine!
So, if you have similar symptoms, it might be worth a look inside the flasher. Easy fix and probably saved quite a bit as I guess the flasher will be a Daihatsu only part and therefore quite expensive.
By the way, this all realtes to an F73 Fourtrak, but I imagine the Sporty will be very similar.


Original flasher units are only available from Daihatsu, but many others supply universal types, these simply mean removing the original plug and crimping spade ends to the wires.

Quote: Quicker and cheaper

Quote:Quicker and cheaper just to
Submitted by Fieldman on Mon, 24/08/2009 - 09:53.

Quicker and cheaper just to re-solder your own though (if that's what's wrong with it) Eye-wink

but infinately more satisfying of you fix it yourself - thats par of the fun with daihatsus (well the 4x4's anyway!!)



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