Are they Nuts!!


Finally managed to get an answer from Daihatsu about the Alloy Wheels that were fitted to the Rally 2 and 4.

They still have some and cost £102 each.(Tyres are extra)

I told them to keep them on the shelf. Wink

I'm waiting for someone on here to contact me again - he says he has some but one is dinked a bit.

But I'm still waiting Sad

I may well get some more League Midas Alloys like I had on my Fourtrack as they were very pretty and would suit the Rally 4.
But I will only have 185 Tyres fitted -
Not going through that palaver again Smile

Cheers, Bob F.

ps Also found out from Daihatsu UK.

Only 125 Rally 4s were made in the UK.
That's all there is.