Rear door hinge pins


Hi, I havea fourtrak F75 and I have just stripped out a rear door hinge that had died on me. Does anyone know of a supplier of these pins and what they are like to press back in?


Roll or C Pins

The easiest way is to replace them with roll or "C" pins, these are tubular spring steel with a slit up the side.

To replace them is simple, remove the old pin and measure the hole, find a slightly larger pin and support the door securely, drill the entire assembly and tap the roll pin in. This needs a little care to ensure you drill the entire hinge assembly in position to ensure its alignment.

Option 2 is to remove the entire hinge and secure it to a jig made from heavy plate, drill with a pillar drill for accuracy, then fit the roll pin.

Due to their slit and spring construction, they simply remaon in position, they are hollow, so can be periodically oiled or packed with grease. The grease works through the slit to lubricate the moving part of the hinge, so constant lubrication. When they eventually wear they are tapped our with a hammer and drift, and replaced with new ones.

These are available from engineers suppliers, or fastener suppliers, cost pennies, and are much better than solid pins due to being capable of lubrication.

Assassin - thanks for the

Assassin - thanks for the advice. I've got the old pin out so I'll measure up and buy the next size up slit pin type and see how I get on.

Cheers SB

Problems getting roll pins that size............................

They work out at 12mm by 75mm long and that is apparently not your ordinary car league - it is commercial league - if they even do them that size? I've gotten myself a bolt that I can file down to fit and hopefully thsi will solve the problem. If any of youknow where I can get such large roll pins - I'd appreciate a shout as to where and how much.



Roll or C Pins

Most engineers suppliers, bolt suppliers, or fastener suppliers do them, it is a case of looking around the engineers suppliers in your area.

I do not buy them as i have substantial stocks from many years of site work, and taking any spares home.

try an agricultural

try an agricultural machinary workshop , they are common in that field (groan)... or maybe a construction plant workshop.