diesel pump wiring??


i have a land rover 90 with a fourtrak 2.8td engine fitted, the fuel pump has a wiring connector with three pins one pin goes to ignition live and controls the stop solenoid, but does anyone know what the other two pins are for and where should they be connected up? the engine has lacked power when towing or under load and on further investigation i found that the bearings in the turbo had a couple of mm of play in them so i have replaced the turbo with a later intercooled model and now am getting a good ammount of boost from the turbo (think the pump might want setting up now though) this has improved the power but havnt towed yet so we'll see how it is when i do. any help on the wiring would be good though

Fuel Stop Solenoid

My ancient Fourtrak (non-turbo 2.8 diesel) has only a single wire connection to the fuel stop solenoid, which agrees with the wiring diagram I have.

As far as I know, the standard diesel fuel pump on the Fourtrak is a Bosch VE type pump - do you have this pump fitted? The only other thing that springs to mind is that the fuel stop solenoid fitted is different.

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".

fuel pump wiring

yes theres a three pin plug on the fuel pump (bosch ve type pump) one pin is for the stop solenoid but theres two more wires that go to another sensor or something located beneath the accelerator mechanism, im wondering if this is where the factory fitted tachometer is fed from or if its part of some sort of cold start device its never been connected up but the engine starts and stops just fine but is very sluggish when under load and im trying to investigate any factors that may be causing this. if anyone has a early 2.8 turbo fourtrak and wants to trace the wiring i would be endlessly grateful......

connections on diesel ve pump

finally solved what the wires on the diesel pump do the other solenoid thing is where the tacho picks up the other wire is the tacho ground, since the engines in a landrover best to just leave disconnected.