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hi! im new to this forum. im just wondering if anyone has turned a sportrak into a trailer to be pulled behind their road going sportrak abit like people do with mini's. ive started by cutting the front end of and putting a towbar and plating the front end up. i have plans to make it into a little caravan with 2 beds inside and a fridge and stove which come out with the back door. i enjoy camping so this will be abit different to turn up at a camp site with. i know it will be abit front heavy having cut the front off 4 inches from the back of the bonnet but the fridge and stove will put some weight at the back and also im considering changing the fuel tank for a water container which will make the back alot heavier.i have some pictures of it during the build but not many but i will post some pictures up soon. let me know if you have transformed one into a trailer or if you have seen or know anyone who has done it. hope to hear from some people soon thanks


pictures of sportrak caravan are now on image gallery let me know what you think

O'h my god !!!!!!!!!, its different !!!!


Looked at your images and noted the tow hitch / drawbar. Are you sure that what seems to be 2"x2" box, is sufficient for the static and dynamic loading on the drawbar,also I see no braking mechanism or is this just a try out or are you below the requirement. (750kg's I think for unbraked trailers)

Fancy seeing a close coupled Sportak unit, this will surely turn some heads !!!. seen the mini conversion, saw one last week on the old Severn Bridge, but it was an open trailer with canvas sheet.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

hi thanks for the reply.

hi thanks for the reply. just trying out at the moment i might be making the tow hitch abit bigger but it seems perfectly fine at the moment. not to sure on the weight of the trailer but alot of weight did come of the front. ive kept the handbrake still in the car so i might consider making it a braked trailer. thanks for the reply. your comments do help



I personaly would make the drawbar triangular , taking the original chassis rails and bringing 4"x2" box section to apex for the ball hitch/overun braking assembly, (using the old handbrake system) also mounting a gas canister also here against the former bulkhead.

Now, how about finding a PTO unit or modifing the rear diff to take an output shaft and make her a 6 wheel drive !!!!!!!!!!!, another thought , fit a hydralic power unit into the front drive shaft and a motor to the trailer diff. Engage low and power is applied to trailer axle , just beware jacknifing when trailer gets the extra grip !!!!Sorry my imagination has taken over !!!!

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

hi yes i was thinking about

hi yes i was thinking about making the drawbar triangular and i think i will be using a braking system on it. thanks for the ideas about making the wheels powered. i might look into that eventually but to start with im going to get it just so i can use it thanks.

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i would suggest you get hold of an old caravan drawbar, that silly bit of box will bend sure as eggs is eggs.. dont forget the drawbar needs to be long enough so corners of bodywork dont touch on corners, especially on uneven ground or if the front wheels go up on a high kerb.
forget the legalities, fit some overrun brakes.. the actual brakes are allready there.. the connecting rods or cables can come from the same caravan as the drawbar.
the only other problem is noseweight, cos the axle is so far back anything heavy like gas or water needs to be mounted as far back as possible... noseweight is critical for stability on the road especially multilane roads with big lorries passing at speed,

thanks for the advise. im

thanks for the advise. im currently looking for an old caravan drawbar with brakes. im thinking of changing the fuel tank into a water container which will put alot of weight at the back behind the axle. thanks