what off road tyres...


hi i`m wanting to put 235/75/15 A/T tyres on my 1992 four track...will these tyres fit or can some one plase advise on what off road tyre size will be the best fit.:help:

depeneds wot you are going 2

depeneds wot you are going 2 use it for most eg on road off road if it is mostly on road then it think without a lift the standerd 215 tyres are plenty. if you are thinking about 235 tyres i think a 2"lift is in order. but if you are want to do mostly off road then try some Technic Amazon you can get them from eneywere but this is the best pic i found http://bronco4x4.com/broncosport.html but hunt around because you can get them for about £45 per tyre off wheels

hope this helps
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Off-road tyres...

Mudman is right, if your planning to go all the way under wed conditions than A/T tyres won't do it for you.
Go for the MT tyres from Dunlop, they are pretty good in performance and not noisy on tarmac.


They'll be fine. I've got 31

They'll be fine. I've got 31/10.50-15's on my standard F80 (have a look in the gallery, she's the re-bilt green one with late alloys on). There about the same size, if not bigger. Not a catch anywhere. If they were real agresive tyres you were fiting things might be diffrent.

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