Help! I need a petrol cap IMPOSSIBLE to find one..


Hello all,
I have a 993 Hijet van not EFI, Can I find a petrol cap for it anywhere..?? I'm not even bothered if it locks! Because of the low tank filler, a full tank means I'm losing a lot of fuel. I've tried everywhere obvious.. the temporary 'locking type' plastic cap I have at the mo from Halfords is useless.

Any ideas gratefully received.

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Petrol cap

Whatever you do, don't go to a Daihatsu dealer.
I did when I left my petrol cap at Tesco after filling up, if I remember rightly they quoted about £40 Shok
I eventually got a locking one from Ebay for about £10 including postage.
There's a few Hi-jets being broken on Ebay, might be worth an email.

Yes thanks for this, I've

Yes thanks for this, I've actually tried to get one on ebay for the past four weeks! All the breaking cars haven't got them, they are like gold dust.. I'l just have to keep trying, the next thing is measure the filler acurately and then try some universal caps.. I've never known anything like this van for spare part trouble..

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Petrol cap


Google Ebay Aus

Item 140243151041

This guy claims he has every model Daihatsu catered for $A39.95 plus postage, cheap in UK equivalent.

petrol cap

Not sure if 993cc is the same, but I replaced original lockable cap that leaked (due to flattened rubber washer) on my 1300efi van with lockable one from Wilco for under £9, but no longer have the packaging, so don't know manufacturer, type no. etc. Works a treat. Don't know where you live, but check out