Nice to see a Modified Fourtrak featured in a OffRoad Mag


Hi all.

A 1991 Modded Fourtrak is 4 page feature in Dec '09 issue of Total Off Road mag (out now and browse at your local news agents) interesting if your looking for a snorkel and spring mods, as well as 33 inch tyres and pickup conversion.

Robbed ha ha

£900 plus a vauxhall corsa swopped for an h reg trak with over 400,000 on the clock ha ha ha ha ha ha, more like worth only £500, Matey has done alot of work on it to make it look so immaculate, nice to see a trak in total of road but why this one?? it has a nice little truck bed conversion but wheres the mods?? it just has a few bolt on bits, i would have thought TOR would have been able to find a better one with a bit more mechanical engineering too it, maybe with a SOA or complete coil spring conversion for starters, that one on this site in the image gallery for example which is a show piece is much better, one mistake this trak has is 3" longer shackles with no castor correction mod, the props are going at a lovely angle, nah sorry they could have found a more engineered one out there, but at last an old f fourtrak in tor which i still say is one of the best 4x4's ever made as a general workhorse/playtoy.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
youtube: Redfourtrack

Nice to see a Fourtrak featured

I agree the financial bit did not seem to make sense. The guy had a nicely presented truck, he had probably aproached the magazine to see if they were interested in featuring it, and proud of his truck.

I agree there are other Fourtraks out there with SoA conversions, suspension modifications, engine transplants ( there is a V8 out there somewhere, this was featured on site), body lifts and other mods, many get featured on site in the images section. Perhaps some one like 'BloodRed Offroad' who make specialist parts for Fourtraks could get a show truck featured. Hopefully a site memnber would care to put his truck forward to Total Off Road mag, and show what can be done !!!

But it was nice to see the old workhorse featured, as we do seem to be a minority in the 4x4 world/mags.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

dec 09 tor

nice to see some people actually appreciate the artical thanks guys

december 09 tor

ow to put the facts straight total offroad edditor alan kidd wanted this fortrack to apear in his mag he approched me ure only jealous