newbie look at getting a fourtrak independent


after killing my lwb vit i am now looking at getting a fourtrak independent,what i would like to know is if i do a 3"body lift and 2"suspension lift what size tyres can i run,is the engine controlled by a ecu or not and would like to see some pics of modified ones as a google search did not find many and the ones i did find were old leaf sprung ones,i have searched for what to look out for and how to fix/tune them but open to any info you would like to share,if you could can you post with the pics the specs/what mods you have done thanks parrot
ps where can i get 16" wheels for it as ive read that suzuki wheels are not up to taken the waight or power so would like the right wheels for it

Mechanically: The engine is


The engine is of the old school of plodders, it is large and understressed, so lasts for many trips around the clock with only a little routine maintenance. It has no ECU or electronics, it does have an electrically controlled Bosch injection pump which gives no real trouble.

2" suspension lifts are easily done with no real detrimental effects, many, including myself suggest this to be the maximum lift that is done. Body lifts are not a real option as they are unnecessary on these vehicles, they cost without any real benefit other than image.

31" tyres can be run on a virtually standard vehicle, with a lift it can easily accommodate 33's, but these are not really necessary as 31's are more than up to the task.

Moving to a 16" rim is not really a practical option, more tyres are available in a range of sizes and styles in 15" sizes. Obviously this introduces competition among manufacturers and suppliers, and reduces prices.
Should you feel the need to use 16" rims i would suggest a set of cheap aftermarket steels, these come with various offset's, and can accomodate wider tyres without chassis rubbing.

thanks for the reply,so with

thanks for the reply,so with a 2"lift i would be able to fit around 32"tyres,i know what you are saying about 15" tyres but i can get 16" tyres a lot cheaper and as i do a lot of lanes that landrovers use so i need a lot of diff clearance as im fed up with getting stuck also are they ok for wading with a snorkel and diff/box breathers and dipstick sealed??

You will get the same lift

You will get the same lift with 31" or 33" tyres on a 15" rim as you will with the same diameter tyre on a 16" rim as this is the tyres diameter, so either will be OK.

Fourtraks have axle, gearbox, and transfer case breathers, i would recommend extending them to the front bulkhead and fitting a cheap fuel filter on the end. This allows them to breathe normally without filling with dirt and dust, mount them as high as possible. With the back axle, simply extend this inside the vehicle and filter it also; do not block them off as they need to breathe.

If you wade a snorkel is beneficial, but ensure the engines electrics are well sealed, then use a proprietory waterproofing compound on the alternator internals. This is liberally sprayed inside the alternator when it is cold, left for a few hours, then driven.

31" or 33" same lift hows

31" or 33" same lift hows that?33"s will give 1.5" more diff clearance,what im on about with 15" or 16" is if i go for a 235 75 15 they = 28.88"tall but if i go for a 235 75 16 then they will be 29.88" tall and that will give a 1/2" more diff clearance,as for the size i want i will go for 235 85 16 witch work out at 31.73" tall and cost new £320 a set,compare that to 31 10.50 15 witch work out at 31" tall and cost £335 new but as i will get them second hand there are a lot more 235 85 16 about and cheaper as most landrovers run that size.
what waterproofing compound would be best to use and i will extend the breathers up to the height of the snorkel as some of the water is over bonnet height

i think you should read

i think you should read assasin's post again, what he was saying is that a 31 inch outside diameter tyre will give the same ground clearance whatever size the rim happens to be in the centre, the width and/or aspect ratios will be different .. the 15 inch rim will have a taller tyre sidewall than the tyre on the 16 inch rim to get the same outside diameter.
bigger tyres (285/15?) on the existing wheels may be cheaper than buying 235/16 tyres and wheels. just depends what bargains you find.

Indy bodylift


Take a look at the post below for a body lift

With a 3" body lift and a 2" suspension lift, you had better start thinking about resetting the steering geometry, let alone shocks, brake lines, gear box linkage, ect. You could end up with a very unstable truck on and off the road, just remenmber to inform your insurance company if the truck is to be used on the road and they will probabley require a examination.

Just be aware that agressive M/T tyres will give you poor on road handling, especialy in the wet !!!, so get a second set of wheels fitted with A/T tyres for road use, or do as I do, use A/T tyres/wheels for general use and a spare set of M/T for the rears.

The skill offroad, is using what you have and reading the terrain and not being an idiot.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX