Could anyone explain why my Rally2 goes like stink some days and not others.

Doesn't seem to be weather dependent.

If it were plugs then performance would be constant unless they are oiling up on low revs but I've not noticed any miss-fire.

However it has been difficult to make a smooth start without engine sounding as if it is about to stall without giving it more revs and slipping the clutch more than I would like.Also it is difficult to drive in slow moving traffic without some jerky throttle reponse

Perhaps this is just a peculiarity of the VVT engine and I must admit I've been driving diesels for many years and no accelerator is needed on take off and slow moving traffic.

Anyway I shall replace the plugs as a first step - has any one any preference of plugs.

Jonathan Wilson

Does the rev counter hunt on

Does the rev counter hunt on idle? Using more fuel than normal?

If so it sounds like the air flow sensor is possibly fowled up. You can clean these with carb cleaner, either that you need a replacement.


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