Anyone know in which Computer game you can download Daihatsu Sirion and customise the settings to your exact road spec.

I have a feeling PSP do something like that but I would like to test my Rally2 for track racing on big screen and would prefer it not to be on a PSP portable.

Matching everything such as gear ratios,types of tyres ,bhp rating,brake set up would be great- is there such a programme.

Unfortunately I have the original PSP but am happy to splash out on new version.

PS Sorry- couldn't make the NW meet .I'll work something out for the summer.

Jonathan Wilson

Gran turismo

I have it on the psp and it has most cars on there, also gran turismo for ps3 or xbox or something will most likely have it too but why you would want to mess about with a sirion on there is beyond me especially when you can play with a buggatti veyron or enzo ferrarri!!

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
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Hi There, looking at this

Hi There, looking at this list of cars for the forthcoming gran turismo 5 for the PS3 you will be able to play virtually any Daihatsu Wink Even the YRV Turbo Smile

The prologue version out now allows you to drive the Copen Wink


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