No power to stereo and clocks resets to 1:00 when ingnition turned off


Sirion 2003 SL

When I turn off ignition the clock (time not mileage) resets to 1:00 and there is no power to my stereo (after market CD/Radio).

I'm guessing it's a fuse but I can't find a blown one managed to get my head near the fuse box under the stearing wheel (after several Yoga classes) but unfortunately they all look ok to me?

Is there another even more well hidden and inaccessible fuse box somewhere on this car?

Anyone know what fuse the stereo and clock are on?

Thanks for any help you can offer me.

Regards Johnny

Hi, This is exactly the

Hi, This is exactly the problem I'm having on my 2003 Sirion. Did you solve this and if so how do I go about it?



Yes solved it, there is a

Yes solved it, there is a small fuse box under the bonnet as well as the one inside the car. One of the fuses in the box under the bonnet had gone (can't remember witch one), when I replaced it the problem was solved.

Hope this helps.

Thanks! I don't know HOW I

Thanks! I don't know HOW I missed it as that was the first fuse I checked ('Back Up' Fuse) and I checked all the fuses twice! It does seem to have fixed it. It had been removed altogether by the unscrupulous car dealer to mask a jammed CD in the stereo by the looks of it...I shall see!

Thanks again