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Morning all,

Been reading the forum for a few days now, some fab info on here.

Currently planning an old 4x4 , previous car was an old Subaru legacy estate which was great fun but the fuel was hurting- changed it for my skoda octavia. its great on fuel but not so good in the snow ! (even with colway snow tyres from the rally car lol )

So the plan is to get a cheap 4x4 for the following reasons:-
-I have a very exposed 30 mile drive to work
-my daughter now has a horse so will sometimes need to pull a horsebox out of a muddy field
-may sometimes pull a trailer with the rally car on it
-some weekend offroad fun Smile

I am not a lover of electronic gizmo's etc so the fourtrak is looking like a good contender, however i have some questions if you can help Unknw
is it 'better' to get a 'independant' model Unknw
is required can rearseats be retro-fitted to a fieldman Unknw
sounds like condition is more important than age or low mileage, so a trak with 60k may not be better than one with 100k+ Unknw

I am not in a rush (this weather will be gone in a couple of weeks so no need to panic), so plan to view a few and try an find a good one. I have a tame mechanic so will take him along when I think i have found a good one Smile

Thanks in advance for any help


p.s. the search button is great Wink

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Hi and welcome

Unless you are a die hard type, go for an "Indy", for on road use it gives a far better ride.

As you will have read the egines are pretty well bullet proof , if they have been maintained, lack of electronic gizmos helps with the reliability. Very few problems with gearboxs, usually problems are related the lack of 4x4 selection, or the infamous nut, which cause's gear selection problems,and easily solved.

You must check that the 4x4 system and the auto hubs function correctly.

I believe seats can be retro fitted to a Fieldsman version, have been posts on this subject.

As you have found there is a wealth of info available via the "Site Search" box.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Thanks for the reply The

Thanks for the reply Smile

The reason i asked about the seats in a fieldman is 90% of the time it would be just me and the dog in the car, however there may be the odd time that others would come too. Given I am in a rural area (near aviemore) there are lots of farmers with fieldman versions so might pick up one of those.

A neighbour is in the local 4x4 club so would join that for some fun and also to learn how to drive offroad properly (every day is a day at school lol )

If I can get a fairly cheap truck I would also keep my skoda for family trips and keep the truck for fun....

No doubt i'll have more questions as time goes on .....

drive safe


Welcome: From your


From your description i would go for an independent as thay are better on road, and the difference off road is so minimal that it can be compensated for by good driving techniques. These are basic vehicles, which means simplicity, easy to mend if bent, and just keep going with very few problems from a seemingly underpowered engine.

large engine with low power output and huge torque = long life and durability, excellent towing, and first rate off road ability, a vehicle you can maintain yourself for minimal costs. I know of several hard working vehicles three times around the clock, two have over 500,000 miles, and are original.

Look for the inevitable mechanical problems, and spend time looking for the rust and corrosion problems which afflict these hard working vehicles.
Spend the time finding a good one, then go through it with a fine tooth comb to find any problems, it will be worth it as you will have a long lasting vehicle which will fulfil all your roles.