4WD and SNOW


We've finally got the snow down here in Somerset, we had about 8 inches where I am. I have to get to work no matter the weather and I normally get a lift into work in a Ford Ranger(2wd cheap version). We got stuck in snow twice today, and me having a Fourtrak, was think I could do better. I am very worried about transmission wind up though. If I use 4WD on the snowy roads will it happen? I travel on the A39 for about 4 miles and smaller, normally ungrited B roads and lanes for about another 4 miles. What would your advise be for using 4WD? Should I bang it in 4H with hubs locked for the whole journey or keep the hubs locked and use 2H for for A roads and 4H for the B roads and lanes? Is there anything close to an estimate as to how many miles it takes to knacker your transmission due to wind up?

Cheers, Stalin.


4WD with hubs in on all loose surfaces no worries long-term mate. Once the road is clear of snow just wet, pop it into 2WD. Doing some brief straight-line stuff on a wet road won't knacker anything in a hurry either. They're not that delicate!


Thanks Ferg, nice picture,

Thanks Ferg, nice picture, looks like you had about the same as us. I saw your thread too Smile

Amazing how this few inches of snow turns grown ups into kids again ^_^. I'm hoping for a little more snow, but forecast is clear with -8c, which with the snow melted on the roads will be terrible and not fun at all Sad

White Stuff

Been out most of the day. Just keep the hubs locked, 2/4Hi and flick the dash switch, as required, though for the deep stuff on the back roads I tend to use 4Lo with blind bends, narrow lanes and hills, seem to have more control, and can lay off the brakes. My worry has been the screaming banshi , coming towards me ,all over the road and then hits the brakes !!!! Work not play though. Still am suprised at how many so called 4x4's,(soft roaders), who's auto engaging 4x4 system does not work. And I decided this week to do a MPG test, will be an interesting result.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Pennine snow

Hi Stalin,
In the gallery you should be able to see pics from around 10am on christmas eve up above Scammonden between junctions 22 and 23 of the M62, Saddleworth moor if anybody remembers the Ian Brady and Myra Hindley case. Went up and did the same run in the dark last night but the snow is now much deeper and the car was getting a little warm after a while from having to push the diffs and axles through the snow, made it though!!
Happy new year all
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only needed 4H in the big

only needed 4H in the big snow we had couple of weeks ago.
I'm no expert, but as I understand it, if the surface is loose you dont need to worry about wind up.

'94 Fourtrak Independent

'94 Fourtrak Independent

Hello Blood red Offroad Ltd,

Hello Blood red Offroad Ltd, what are the pics listed under? Sounds fun ^_^

Edward, let us now how the MPG test goes, maybe a comprehensive answer!?!?! Have you met any of these mad reckless drivers yet, if seen a few around town. What worries be more is people walking in the road because they don't want to slip on the pavement ice(apparently getting hit by a car hurts less =/) and kids throwing snow at cars, running out in front of cars and making large snowballs and pushing them into the middle of roads, all of which I have seen 10's of cases in the 2 days since we had snow. Also, I have the F70 so have the little secondary gear stick rather than the button.

Thanks to everyone else for your advice!

Great Balls of Snow

Hi Stalin.

Yes it will be an interesting MPG result, all variants of motoring, from Lo range work . including towing/recovery, Hi rev idling to defrost and jump starting pathetic people who expect their battery to last for ever, C class snow filled roads to motorway runs. If your curious I work for a "Green" trust fund and have been collecting the staff, towing/escorting those that did try to get in and taking them to the office , a converted barn in the sticks, miles up a C class road, get milage as well !!!!

Had my share of crazy drivers, from a Range Rover comming up behind and passing me at such a speed it was creating its own blizzard, flashing lights and she deposited the kids at the road juntion to catch the school bus as she does every morning, needless to say the bus was not running, they were still waiting an hour later, till I suggested they used their mobile to arange transport home, road was immpassable for a bus !!!!!.

4x4 soft roaders, it seems people believe the system will always work when they need it,never have it checked out, also tyre choice comes into this, most seem fitted with a high speed tyre tread, seems the ones I have given assistance to have been most dissapointed with the capability of the vechicle in the snow.

Large snow balls in the road, yep!!, have come across them, the kids think its fun!!!to roll one out in front of you. In town lots of folks walking in road because pavements have not been gritted, often with pushchairs.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

manual hubs locked in alot

Been loads of fun in the snow, sometimes running in 4wd high, sometimes in 2wd so i can kick the back out round the bends - mega fun, it wont matter at all in the snow/ice for 4wd, just use a bit more juice thats all like others have said etc,the problem we have is its so busy on the main roads you go from 2wd to 4wd like a yo yo cos the mains are clear and the back/minor roads arn't, have to say this is the longest i have ever had to A: keep my extreme mud tyres fitted all the time and B: had the front hubs permanantly locked in, MEGA FUN keep it comeing!! loving the white stuff (big kid!!)

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

youtube: Redfourtrack

Had the Shogun out playing

Had the Shogun out playing in the snow, great fun here in Derbyshire, particularly in the Peak District driving many off road routes in the snow.
Taking the Beast out this weekend now its snowing again, 300BHP supercharged diesel in an F20 is great for wheelspinning on the ice.


Had my F78 TDX since September...getting harder to keep it due to fuel prices, but for the past few weeks it's been absolutely invaluable here in Sussex. Even with rubbish american road tyres it's not let me down. Plenty of back lanes down here with 8+ inches of snow and it took it all in it's stride. Got stuck for 30 seconds in 14inches on a curb due to rubbish tyres and thats it. Pulled a few people out of hedges, and also rescued a stuck Jeep Cherokee from our Flat's carpark. Glad I didn't opt for one of those. As above, 4wdLo on downward slopes and very icy patches, 4wdHi on the rest and 2wd with hubs locked in on clear roads. She did it all without complaint. Very impressed!


I got stuck in a Ford Ranger last week due to the snow(2wd cheap version) so I've started to drive the 'trak in :). The hand throttle is invaluable for defrosting, I set it to 1,000rpm and let it warm up nicely ^_^. I was stuck behind a Ford Ka doing 10mpg for a mile, then at the junction someone had broken down there, the Ka pulled out to the side of him, thereby blocking the entire junction =/ I was working so didn't stop to help, just had to push past them.
People with kids seem to be the worst offenders, driving around fast because "the kids have to get...." or walking with them on the road and/or not controlling them when a car comes.

Assassin, are you sure 300bhp is enough? Blum 3 I would ask for some pics, but.... Blum 3

When I was stuck in the Ranger there was a Disco V8 with straight pipes out by the running boards towing people on a sledge, can't say I approve of the towing, but it sounded beautiful Wink I got towed out by a Shogun, was highly embarrassing Blum 3

How is the snow now where everyone is? It started to melt here today, but has just started snowing. Apparently we are mean't to get it badly overnight, I don't quite believe this, heres to hoping though!