Yet another new guy!


Been looking here for the last few days and thought that I should say what I've got (well my dads got) e.t.c.

We've got 4 fourtrak's currently on the road
M reg TDS 88k miles (what I currently drive)
V reg TDX (Dads current drive)
W reg TDX (current drive for the bloke that works for my dad)
Y reg TDX 320k+ miles (mainly towing) (spare)

Also 2 that are sorn/failed MOT's
R reg TDS engines dead & rusted sub frame (i think), spares bank
W reg TDL rusted sub frame (i think) used for running round our fields.

Well thats what we've got at the moment First fourtrak my dad had was a C reg TDS (floor rusted through). I would like a pre '92 live axle fourtrak for modding and offroading but it'll have to wait for a year or two to get some stuff sorted out.