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Hi guys just to say hi and thankyou for all the info on this site, had my sporty about 8 months now after buying it for £500, and the few problems its had, abite some more serious than others your a valuable source of information which have helped me put her right... will hopefully get round to a little modding in the following year, alond with a bit of light off roading. got tired (and poor) of being a ricer and decided on something a bit more unique... will post pics shortly as iv already de-vinyled it, sprayed the steel rims and customised the spare wheel cover. cheap and easy mods while im saving for better wheels, leaf springs and shackles.

J plate elxi

get you pics up what is the

get you pics up

what is the sporttraks difference to the fourtrak is it petrol.

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No it is not because the

No it is not because the Fourtraks were also available as petrols. In general the Fourtrak is a considerably more substantial and robust vehicle which is a lot tougher than the sporty.

This said, the sporty was introduced as a lighter and more sporting variant which was to compete with the more road orientated vehicles. It was still a robust vehicle and a good off road performer as although a lighter variant, it did inherit much most of the Fourtraks traits. This led to it being purchased more by the fashionistas rather than off roaders, and most were never used off road.

They make a good buy for off roading because they are so much lighter than the Fourtrak, this compensates for the petrol engine and no diesel option. Having the durable and robust Toyota petrol engines means they have an excellent life span, and make a good second hand buy.

They may not have the thumping torque of the Fourtrak's diesel engine, or the working capability, but offer so much for such a vehicle.