What this worth?


What do you think this is worth:
A 1990 Daihatsu Froutrak EL Turbo. 75,000 miles, taxed until March, MOT til August, in reasonable condition for the year.

I'm wanting a decent Fourtrak for some towing of my track car and a bit of off roading. Would something like this be suitable?

thanks in advance guys.

This is defiantly suitable

This is defiantly suitable for your needs. You can tow up to the legal maximum with the Fourtrak(3.5t) and they are more than capaple for light off-roading pretty much standard. As for how much its worth, I don't know, up to £1,000?.... Someone else here will know what its worth, wait for more informed replies!

Prices ??????????


I have recently bought a '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX, as a source of spares, MOT failure, because of leak from front hub onto brake disk for £300.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

No idea of any official guide

No idea of any official guide prices, but as an idea, in the summer I paid £900 for a '94 Fourtrak Independent TDL with 124K on the clock, 2 owners and 12mnths MOT. VEry clean inside and out, bar small patch of rust on the offside sill and inside the rear offside wheelarch.
Dont know if this is a great deal or about ball park, but having had this recent snow, I'm pretty chuffed.

'94 Fourtrak Independent