YRV Turbo Drama - what I've been up to...


So after owning the YRV Turbo for a few months, I have had quite a few issues, but these last few days have been just plain irritating.

Car was due for MOT, so I book it in, it fails for 3 things:
Towbar bolts didnt have spring washers, One bolt not the right length, and the one I REALLY didnt want to hear: Large hole in exhaust pipe above rear axle Sad

So I phoned around for quotes and replacements and cheapest price was £120 for a single pipe, which in my opinion would spoil the rear appearance of the car as the bumper cutouts would still be there for the twin pipes. The cost of the twin pipe rear section was £310.

So I called Infinity Exhausts in Yate, and took the car around there, and found the flange section on the middle silencer was also corroded and cannot be worked on Sad
So I made the decision to just cut the whole box out and put a stainless steel pipe all the way through to just before the split to the 2 exit pipes without any silencer!
Result - 1 rather loud YRV Turbo! This cost me £100. The cost with a silencer would have been £200. I made a hasty - though I'm not sure very wise - decision!

The other problem that was happening in parallel with this was the auxiliary drive belt was slightly squealing and I told Nationwide to replace this before testing the MOT, which they tried doing, but then once they removed mine, they realised the one they had ordered was too small (4pk1708) and promptly decided to fit mine back on so that I could drive the car home. BUT they had damaged the belt in the process and it split and discarded half its width on the way home. It was running on 2 ribs and this of course meant that many things started to go wrong on the car, the power steering, the alternator, etc. So I had 1 very interesting drive back to them today. The car was intermittently switching between limp mode and no power steering, then to no lights, flat battery and completely neutral with D4 flashing. Eventually got it there and told them my "kind" thoughts on the matter and now I am waiting on their verdict...

Problem is, can they fail the MOT on sound being too loud? Its not as loud as some of the scoobies and pugs I have seen with their huge backboxes, but it is loud enough to set off sensitive alarms in underground parking Smile

Also when they do a MOT retest, can the car fail on things they didnt pick up the first time around? Cos now the exhaust hole is fixed and the outer fitting of the towbar is removed, but the car is loud and possibly the battery is damaged.

You really haven't had much

You really haven't had much luck with this car since you have bought it have you? Sad

If it gives you thought for comfort on the exhaust side of things, I had the twin exhaust replaced 2 years ago with the blitz nur-spec-R straight through exhaust system, even though I thought it was loud it has passed 2 M.O.Ts, and I have heard louder exhaust on scoobies. In fact the blitz I have on the YRV is louder than the Prodrive one I have on my STI Smile

Hope you get your problems sorted. Smile There are a few Turbos on Autotrader at the moment so you may wnat to get rid of this one and possibly get a better one.

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I was checking out the blitz...

Yes I have to say I am looking forward to just having it all sorted out and just cruising for a while!
I saw the Blitz at £400, and would be £100 to fit, and gave it a thought for a moment, but then realised there was no way I can afford that.
Quite funny that the blitz YRV is louder than the prodrive!
At the MOT place today, there was a black scooby that was insanely loud that belonged to one of the mechanics. I would've kicked up a huge fuss if that car passed its MOT and mine doesnt!
Anyway, tomorrow will see what they say. Today they sorted out the belt and the battery is charging enough to start her up. Will do a full trickle charge in the next 2 weeks as well. Voltmeter says 14.2-14.5V at the terminals when the car is running so at least I know the alternator is working ok. Ended up fitting a 4pk1715.
As for selling this YRV for another, after all we have been through, i can't just let her go like that! hehehe
I removed the entire towbar setup, there was nothing wrong with it, there was just a ring washer missing and one bolt was apparently too short, but when i removed it, found that it actually just wasnt turned all the way through. The irony.
Would it be worth it trying to sell the full towbar setup? Is it worth anything? Any YRV owners wanting a trailer behind them?

Just call me G... Wink
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MOT & NO advisories!

Can finally breathe a sigh of relief... Car is driving really well, the exhaust with less restriction allows the car to accelerate a bit smoother. Dont think its much quicker, but definitely more responsive.

Just call me G... Wink
2004 Yellow YRV Turbo