4Trak tracking...undoing the tie rod nuts....or trying to!


The new wonder machine (a 99 F78) has a toe out issue. So wonder machine owner puts his wire brush over the threads each end on the nearside & he still can't be sure which is the clockwise thread & which is the anti.
Yes I know it should be obvious by looking so perhaps I need new specs......it's an age thing too I guess.
Would some kind soul take pity & tell me please? - Thxs. Smiling
PS I have the feeling those nuts are going to be extra bl***** tight too Sad

Depends on whether or not

Depends on whether or not they are original fittings or not, most are not.

Many aftermarket suppliers provide the joints and tube nut as complete assemblies, so it is a case of they may be on either side.

Thxs (as ever) assassin. I

Thxs (as ever) assassin. I finally managed to see which way the threads ran & after applying an indecent amount of heat (no, I know I shouldn't do that) tube & nut reluctantly ceased their embrace.

There were some arrow marks at the end of the tube that I thought might indicate a LH thread ..... no they didn't.

When you undo them i would

When you undo them i would take them off and cover them with copper grease, make a note of which thread is which. Make a mark on the left hand thread with a centre pop so you know for next time.

Some owners cover then with heat shrink tubing, when heated it shrinks to half its diameter so gives added protection.