My YRV i might have to sell any interest



hi every body i might have to sell my lovely turbo as family is growing hoping to get interest on here first. Its an 04 FSH 50k new aux belt and no noise, new gear box oil from Gloucester road gear boxes @ £180 ouch, and a piper-cross filter just because its cheaper to clean (have still got original) lovely car. open to sensible offers!!!!

oh yeah mirrors have been painted along with the mirror backs so no more milky black plastic not shown in this picture.
e-mail for more details I'm in bristol UK


Black and red on the turbo

Black and red on the turbo seems to be a rare colour, good luck with getting a sale. I would have bought it off you, but already have a yellow one.

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yeahhhhhhhhhh i can keep it now!!!!!!!!

hi guys after giving it a lot of thought i am now going to keep my yrv turbo can't part with it Cray 2 , will need to get some new wheels for it but having problems getting some Help , anybody know of a good supplyer cheers lads back with daihatsu yeah cheers stu.

p.s been having a lot of fun in it.:D

YRV 1.3 premium pack silver 01

YRV TURBO Black 04