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help i have a 4 track riveara limited edition lwb 1997 that will not charge below 1500 rpm there are no lights on the dash ive fitted a recon altonater no joy ive had the regulater tested it has a 2 month old battrey on. is it time to strip the loom or am i missing somthing any ideas

double check charging

Hi, are you a hundred percent sure it does not charge below 1500 rpm, do you have an electric voltmeter (i guess you do) on cold engine/start fire up the vehicle, dont rev it, let it tick over a minute, place the voltmeter on the pos and neg of the battery terminal connectors and see what the reading is, should say about 13 volts for arguments sake, then apply throttle gently to see what happens to the reading.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
youtube: Redfourtrack

no try'd again im not

no try'd again im not charging below 1500 rpm i am a mechanic but im looking for common faults on these motors this is a nightmare truck and i dont want to strip it and find out its something silly