Sportrak green-laning mods, please?


Hi, all!
You've probably been asked this lots of times, but I'm thinking of doing a little light green-laning in my Sportrak, and I could use some sensible advice, please?
First up - tyres: Anyone had any experience with Kingpin Mud remould tyres? Seen them advertised (in my low budget area), and I wonder if they might shed their treads if used seriously, particularly if the pressures are lowered? Also, are they hard-wearing, or too soft for normal road use?
Suspension - is it worth fitting tougher/re-tempered leafs & winding up the fron torsion bars for better clearance? I've seen lots of people recommending body lifts, but that won't increase ground clearance, will it? Just space for taller wheels, I think.
Cooling - currently has standard fluid-coupled fan, but I wonder if an electric one's better? Mine seems to run quite warm after a little brisk driving, even though it's got new rad/water pump/thermostat/rad cap, etc - any other ideas? No oil in water or vice-versa, so I'm sure the head gasket's ok; I just don't want to boil it up off-road.
All practical ides most welcome! Smile

Click on "How It Works" at

Click on "How It Works" at the top of the screen, i have written an article on vehicle mods.

Cheers, all!

Thanks for your leads & comments, folks - found the how-it-works article very useful (thanks, Assassin).Fan's the only thing I haven't fully sussed, yet - the viscous coupling seems ok (spins free when stationary, but I ain't jamming my fingers in when it's running to see if it's 'biting' - did that accidentally on an Integra, once, very messy/bloodily painful, to say the least!!!!). Any practical test suggestions on that, folks? I read a thread a while back where someone had locked-up their coupling with screws and it worked, cooling very well, but very noisily (as I'd expect).Got a pair of A/T's yesterday (two were well past use) - been offered a set of Weller steel rims with "Wild Ride" (?)knobblies fitted - these any good, or too soft for road) Might get 'em for only off-road use anyway, cos they're cheap!.Cheers, Baz.

Cool reply!

Hi, Edward - thanks muchly for the viscous tip & Abdullah's node - most informative!
Ironic, really - only replaced the water pump a few months back due to its outer bearing collapsing & snapping the pump shaft - I really should have taken the coupling apart then, but...well...didn't think! Shall do now, though, at first opportunity.

Anyone used the tyres I mentioned in last reply? I think the name's near enough right (didn't look close enough) "Wild Ride (or Rider)", or something like that. The tread's plenty chunky enough for justifying as a second set of purpose-off-road wheels, so I might just blag 'em anyway; just hoped someone might pass comment on them, from experience or rumour, etc.

Thanks again, all.

"Light Green-laning"


Just leave the truck as it is mechanicaly,for as you said "mild offroading" and fit some decent offroad tyres, you do not need aggressive M/T tyres, fit A/T type tread and they have decent on road wear rates along with a good offroad capability. At the end of the day its the diff housing, that have the least ground clearance, no matter what mods you make to the suspension. Skill in reading the ground and choosing the correct route is what counts.

As for the what seems a regular posting , the running hot of Fourtraks and Sportraks, there is a posting on site about rebuilding the viscious fan unit others about testing the fan for correct operation and flushing the system . As for an electric fan ,many say it should not be needed, if cooling system is okay !!!!, others advocate definitly needed if towing. I for one have gone down the route of flushing, new rad, new thermostat, rad cap, checked fan and still get excess temp when driving hard and harbour thoughts of an electric fan as an addition. ( ??? water pump vane corrosion)

Read "assassins post in the "How it Works "section, a wealth of info.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Eletric Fan

From what i've read and spoken to people about, in various places, an eletric fan is only a 'must' if you're doing alot of fording/deep wading and the viscous fans can pull themselves into the radiator leaving a rather large hole and other consequences that a large hole in the radiator causes

Forget electric fans as they

Forget electric fans as they provide another source of problems, particularly when filled with mud and water.

As for the fans pulling themselves into the radiator, pure tripe, never seen it happen on any Daihatsu models. Seen it on some soft roaders being used too harshly for their designed operation, but never on a true 4X4.

If you were wading in mud or water that deep it would drown the engine anyway and hydraulic it, rendering it scrap.