understanding injector system


Hi i have been looking at my sportrack and trying to getto grips with undestanding more about the engine. for the more experienced mechanics out there is there a guide with pics as well as to how to remove the injectors and the fuel rail etc. Also is there a kit of o rings etc that can be bought for the sprotrack jees injectors?

also can a computer be hooked up to the sportrack to read the codes a computer diagnostics programme.
thanks to who ever answers - site looks good by the way.


Look at the haynes Fuel

Look at the haynes Fuel Injection Manual, this covers all aspects of most injection systems. Sporties have Toyota engines, these are covered especially as they are the early injected engines.

Computers or diagnostic readers can be connected through the appropriate SD connector, and you can get codes without hooking them up. Some libraries have this book in stock, so if a member, borrow it and copy the appropriate sections.

injector system

thanks assasin will check this out


To access fault codes without

To access fault codes without a fault code reader, first locate the diagnostic plug or SD connector. This is usually located onder the dash on the right hand side.

Locate terminals T1 or TE1 and E1 which should be marked. Warm the engine fully and switch off every electrical load. Ensure the vehicle is in neutral and the vehicle is idling.

Bridge T1 or TE1 terminal to E1 in the SD plug, this will give a series of flashes on the dashboard engine management light. These will be straight single digit flashes on early models, and two digit flashes on later models.

Early models will have 0.5 second flashes, simply count them for the fault, if there is a 2.5 second break and it flashes again there is more than one fault logged.
Once it had flashed all faults, there will be a 4.5 second pause and it will return to the beginning and repeat them whilever the jumper wire bridges out the SD plug.

Later models with two digit flashes will give 0.5 second flashes for the first digit, it will pause for 1.5 seconds and flash at 0.5 second intervals again for the second digit. It will then pause for 2.5 seconds then give the next fault code if more than one fault is logged.
Once it has flashed all fault codes it will pause for 4.5 seconds before starting the sequence again.

To clear fault codes: disconnect the battery for at least 1 minute before reconnecting.