Terios 1.3L 01 Plate - Steel Wheels


Hi there,

We are a new Team based near Portsmouth UK, that are entering the Mongol Rally 2010. This basically entails driving from Goodwood Racecourse to the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar in July of this year (2010).
We have been restricted to certain vehicles that we can use so we have decided upon the Terios!
Our next task is to the car ready for some massively varied terrain across 10000 miles. This is where we are hoping you may be able to help?

At current, our Terios is equipped with alloy wheels and no protection plates at all. What we are trying to establish is if there are any steel wheels that fit the Terios and where we can get these from?
We have trawlled the internet searching for such items but to no avail. We are also looking into skid plates and the similar.

If anyone can help us in our quest for finding these and many more items to help ease our journey, it would be very much appreciated. We are also looking into corporate sponsorship and donations and once our website is fully built more info will be available there. (www.metalrallykhar.com)

We hope that someone out there will be able to help us and we would be extremely grateful if you could even just point us in the right direction.

Kind regards

Team Metalrallykhar

Steel wheels

I thought that some of the basic versions of the terios had steel wheels, I sure I have seen them. I suggest you try an ebay search. I assume an alloy isn't durable enough for your event.
Good luck

2001 Terios.
Best 4 x 4 x smiles

Tracking down steel wheels

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your reply. We have been told that apparently the standard model comes with steel wheels and that a fair few people have upgraded to alloys so there should be lots kicking about, but alas, despite searches through ebay, freeads and other such sites, we have still drawn a blank. We have just contacted a couple of motor companies and suppliers and are hoping that someone will come back with something!

Should you hear of any steel wheels just right for our mission, we would be extremely greatful if you could let us know, either via here or our website: www.metalrallykhar.com

Unfortunately the alloys we have aren't durable enough for our mission no, I am not even sure the vehicle is hahaha, but it is all in the spirit of the rally and its charity fundraising.

Kind regards

Wulf - Team Metalrallykhar