Installing generic replacement battery on Daihatsu Sirion


My original Sirion battery died a week ago. When I took it to the shop the mechanic explained to me that the Sirion uses an expensive, dedicated small battery. He suggested installing a generic battery, which is physically larger, but significantly cheaper. This required sawing off parts of the battery carriage. I decided to go for it, hoping there wouldn't be any repercussions down the road.

* Does anyone have experience doing this?
* Could this be possibly harmful to anything else under the hood?


Dedicated small battery?


Not done this myself yet on my YRV, but if the Sirion uses the same type of Battery as the YRV then you can buy direct replacements and they are not dedicated as far I understood it. As an example I have a battery which is smaller than a standard car but these are readily available. As an example I currently have a 'VARTA' Asia battery (not the the original factory one when the car was built) which on looking at is smaller but something you can easily get hold of and is massed produced. Not sure from which part of the world you are from, but in the U.K these are readily available. As for the battery you have bought now, I cannot comment on it without any further information about the make and type you have been sold. Ther are a few sirion drivers on here who may be able to advise better.

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Battery probs

Hi. I fitted Bosch battery to my my YRV and I had to cut the plastic battery tray to fit as the new battery is longer than standard one. I would check the height of the new one and the terminal size as Daihatsu use very small post size. Make sure battery is secure when fitted or police could give you a ticket and fine. Cheers CUS