Share: What oil do you use to Fourtrak Diesel?


Hi, just wanna know, what kind of oil is the most suitable for Fourtrak with diesel engine. Here in Indonesia I use Shell Rimula R3X 15W-40. It gives smooth engine rev and suitable to the tropical climate. Thanx for sharing.


Shell Rimula is fine for

Shell Rimula is fine for these engines as it is a mineral oil, you can use mineral or semi synthetic oils in them, but never full synthetic oils as they damage the engine. These are old Toyota engines, and designed and manufactured to standards well before synthetic oils, and their internal clearances are far too loose. Modern synthetics have a very thin film thickness, nowhere thick enough to fill the clearances in older engines, thus causing numerous problems.

Use any mineral or semi synthetic oils which meet the manufacturers specifications, which, with the advances in oils is most of them.

Supermarket own brand

For some time I have been using a supermarket own brand to the correct specification, which here in Spain is around 10 euros for 5 litres. Does anyone have a view as to whether this is a false economy; what am I not getting compared to a known brand at a much higher price, but ostensibly at least, to the same spec?

David T

to DavidT, maybe you should

to DavidT,

maybe you should compare the oil quality with another brand, not just the price.

because some of my friend said that the spec maybe the same, but the protection ability could be different for long term use.

If it is to a specification

If it is to a specification it is actually above that specification, but if changed at the specified intervals it will not degrade below that specification.
Fourtraks had much shorter service intervals than most vehicles of their day, so this does not become an issue as the shorter oil change intervals mean it will be well in grade.
Where a vehicle is subjected to specific work such as dusty climates, follow the reduced manufacturers service schedules.

Always remember that manufacturers of vehicles and lubricants err on the side of caution, particularly 4X4's or other working vehicles.

to assassin, thanx for your

to assassin,

thanx for your advice, I just remember my mistake on 1995, I thought the more expensive the oil, the better it performs, so I used synthetic oil for my F70, as the vehicle runs about 1.000 km after the oil change, I'm losing 1-2 litres oil.

wow, after that I always use mineral oils again, at first for a long time periods (about 10 years) I use mineral oils from the local oil company here in Indonesia with SAE 15W-40 and API CH-4, but since I replace my F70 with the F73, I go with Shell, because my engine runs smoother.

how do i wire up the 4x4 on

how do i wire up the 4x4 on my 2.8 fourtrak gear box iv put the engine box an trans box off the fourtrak into a suzuki sj but having probs getting 4x4 to work but not wired up the hi low switch do u thing this would be the prob an does anyone no what wires do what any help would be much appreciated.