Wanted good home for Red YRV Turbo


The time has come to say a fond goodbuy to our Much loved YRV Turbo:'( Cray 2 :cry: , she is red on a 53 plate and is in exellent condtion only having covered 38k form new, a dealer demonstrator when new, then an elderly gentleman owner before my wife for the past 2 and a bit years. she has a full service history, and will be serviced again before she says good buy, she has had to make way for a bigger family car (BMW) as we have a growing family. what do you guys think she is worth

Another Turbo owner leaving

Another Turbo owner leaving the fold Sad At the moment I have been looking at the usual haunts such autotrader and Pistonheads and the prices vary (not the £5k some joker is asking on PH for their yellow turbo with 52K on the clock Sad ) you'll probably looking at £4k tops down to £2.5K not many with low mileage these days (I am only reaching 36K myself in mine after having the car over 2 years). Depends what else the car will come with perhaps, or if you do have extras, probably worth putting the car back to standard before selling on and then sell the extras later. I for one is always on the look out for something extra for my car Smile good luck and sorry to see you go Wink

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Past: '53' Plate Yellow YRV Turbo Approx. 150BHP